Coaching connects to our lives in many ways, the possibilities lurking in the cluttered spaces of our house and mind. In the gym equipment that collects dust. In the blahs we just can’t shake. In watching our child struggle to relax or try something new. In constantly hustling but never getting ahead.  In feeling disconnected.

The Coaching Connection Inc. was developed to provide  a variety of coaching services to adults and children to support their growth, connection, and enjoyment of life.

At the Coaching Connection Inc. you will find a wide range of coaching services; from decluttering your closets to helping you achieve a greater sense of passion with life.           Click here for an overview of our services!


CAN general logo in colour (1)Jeana Conalas                                                            

  • Director of The Coaching Connection Inc.
  • CAN Certified Life Coach
  • Communication Coach
  • Atlantic Region Rep for the Centre for Applied Neuroscience



“I believe coaching is a magical thing. To me, coaching is about creating authentic connections and helping others feel a greater sense of connection to themselves, their family/friends, and their community.”





Life & Wellness Coaching:

“My purpose is to develop authentic connections, and to inspire and empower others to live authentic, fulfilled lives.”

I believe in living fiercely and authentically. My journey has involved rebuilding my identity, simplifying my life, discovering who I am and what I’m capable of, and designing a life I love – a life I’m excited to live every day (not just weekends and holidays). I strongly believe in living now (not waiting) and living on purpose, and I’m wildly passionate about inspiring others to do the same!

I build authentic, compassionate coaching relationships. My clients describe our sessions as relieving, focusing, and empowering.

My approach to coaching is to guide you to greater self-awareness, direction, and joy; while providing strategies that will make a difference in your everyday life. To help you view the whole picture, while being able to zoom in and focus on actionable steps for real, tangible, progress.  It is my intention to use the skills I have developed to empower you to create a life you are excited to live!

For more on my Life Coaching – click here!


Coaching for Kids!

I have always been drawn to working with children and their families; and have been doing so in a variety of capacities since I was a teenager. Most recently I have spent the last 7+ years working with preschoolers on their communication goals.

I am passionate about helping children increase their connection to themselves, their families, friends, and community. I believe in a family-centered approach; meaning your goals are my priority.

“I see every child as an individual, and aim to use their unique strengths to help them succeed and feel a greater sense of inner strength and belonging.”

As a child I experienced a lot of anxiety and spent a lot of time worrying, instead of having fun. Since then, I have learned strategies that have helped me take back my power and live a more calm, joyful, fun life. I know what a difference these lessons could have made for me as a kid, and that makes me dedicated to helping children learn them early so they don’t have to struggle. My experience being a ‘worrier’ helps me relate to children experiencing the same things more compassionately and authentically.