Attention fellow ACTers!


Are you in the process of learning the magic of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Familiar with ACT but need support to incorporate it into your everyday life or tackle the big goals?

Get your very own ACTing Coach!

Talk to someone who speaks your language

The ACTing Coach will help you..

Increase your success with SMART goals

(setting attainable goals, ongoing check-ins, readjusting goals, celebrating success)

Incorporate ACT strategies into your everyday life
Work on the ‘5 Things We All Need to Be Well’
Design a life you love
Clarify your values
Tackle the big goals

(self-worth, finding healthy tribe, discovering your passions, boundaries, writing your new story, etc)


Drop the rope!

ACTing Coach Packages

Sessions are offered in person in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or virtually (via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts) around the world!


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‘Help Me Thrive’ Package:

Craving more time to discuss what’s coming up for you on your healing journey?

Thorough, personalized sessions to help you tackle your goals, incorporate the ACT strategies into your everyday life, work on the ‘5 Things We All Need to be Well’, clarify your values, work on boundaries, and design a life you love.


Packages include 2 personalized Hook Cards, so you will have your favourite strategies at your fingertips to get you unhooked asap!



In Person:

Biweekly (2 hours/month): $240 +tax

Weekly (4 hours/month): $460 +tax


Biweekly (2 hours/month):  $200 +tax

Weekly (4 hours/month): $280 +tax

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