The Birkman Assessment is a personality assessment which differs from other assessments because it provides a deeper analysis of the overall person and yields actionable insights. One of my favourite things about the Birkman is that it takes a close look at our individual needs and provides guideposts about how we can be our best selves.

Comparative reports are available for groups/teams/families!

These reports provide insight into how best to work with each other, how to motivate and support each other, and things to watch out for in your interactions! It can help teams/tribes/families/co-workers connect as a more effective, happier team.

The Birkman Assessment delivers unparalleled insights and awareness into the people that drive the world around us, the businesses we run, and the organizations we join. The Birkman is the ultimate manual for understanding yourself and others, including the underlying traits that make up the unique value within each of us.

Using data from The Birkman Method questionnaire, you will enable to discover the core of who people are and to use this information as the foundation in amplifying the growth, productivity, and satisfaction within your organization.


1 Assessment. Many Reports.

Some of the 40+ Reports included:

  • Lifestyle Grid and Lifestyle Group Grid
  • Areas of Interest Report
  • Career Management Report
  • Birkman on Demand Topics
  • Coaching Report
  • Differences to Watch
  • Issues to Watch
  • Interpersonal Needs Summary
  • Strengths and Needs Graph

Some Applications:

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Birkman Assessment and Debrief Coaching Packages:

Signature Suite Report & 1.5 hour Debrief: $400 + tax


Signature Suite Report & 1.5 hr Debrief & 2 Follow-up Coaching Sessions: $550 + tax


Relationship/Comparative Reports (Great for couples, coworkers, managers, coaches, teams, families)

-2 Individuals Signature Suite Reports

-Comparative Reports (using data from both of your reports)

-2 hour Debrief Session

$650 +tax


Custom packages available on request!



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