The Coaching Connection Inc. provides engaging, educational workshops to groups and staff members that are focused on wellness, mindfulness, living intentionally, and thriving.

Please find a list of available workshops below. If you have a topic in mind that isn’t listed, please contact to discuss a customized workshop for your group.

I participated in the “Clarifying Values” and “Living Intentionally, Protecting your life from your Cell phone” workshops presented by the coaching connection’s Jeana Boutilier. The workshops helped me to really identify what is important to me and how to guide my time and my energy into those values. I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshops because it allowed me to slow down and really think about what has been working in my life and what needs a boost.

Jeana’s tips and tricks for protecting your life from your cell phone were fantastic. I still have my cell phone notifications off and it has helped me to be more in the moment.

Diane – Ducks Unlimited


Clarifying Values and What’s Most Important

1.5 -2 hours

This workshop focuses on building a true understanding of wellness and clarifying what’s most important so you know where to bring your focus for more life fulfillment.

In this workshop:

Understanding Wellness -Review the 5 Things We Need To Be Well

Life Satisfaction Wheel – Taking inventory on what makes your life meaningful and measuring your current level of satisfaction

Clarifying Your Values- various activities to define what your values are, defining your guideposts to a fulfilling life

Understanding what you do and why

Living Intentionally [How to Protect Your Life From Your Smartphone]

1.5 -2 hours

*Please note group must have previously received “Clarifying Values” Workshop

This workshop focuses on how to live your values, how to build your life so you are living intentionally and doing what matters. Building self-awareness and being strategic with your time and energy.

In this workshop:

Introduction to mindfulness

Building awareness

Practical tips and strategies to set up for success and stay on track

Value-Based Time management

Transition Intentionally


Reflection and Accountability

Value-Based Decision Making


Optimize: High Performance Coaching – Corporate Edition

An in-depth coaching program for your staff; involving group workshops, online content, and individual coaching.

Optimize is about optimizing yourself and your life. Teaching participants to develop optimal health, focus on what’s most important, and grow into their best self – so they can be high performers in all aspects of their life.

Make an investment in your team, and see the payoffs in the office as well as your team’s individual life and wellness. Help take your group farther. Optimize your team. Optimize your organization.


Section A: Building an Optimal Foundation

  • Finding Clarity
  • Optimizing Health
  • Managing Energy
  • Building Awareness
  • Maintaining the Foundation

Section B: Demanding More (Growth Focus)

  • Living Intentionally
  • Raising Necessity
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Develop Influence

Program Includes:

  • Visuals for office
  • Handouts and Materials
  • Manual with Assignments
  • Online access to program content
  • 8 Group Workshops (1-1.5 hours in length)
  • 4 Coaching Sessions per participant (1 hour per session)


Interested in having Jeana host a workshop for your group?