“Good enough” not feeling good enough?

Wanting more?

Craving something different?

Blaming yourself for not being satisfied with normal life?


It’s not you. It’s your life.


Reject the standard life approach.

It’s not working for you.

Let’s find one that does.


Life Design Coaching

The Life Design process involves three steps.


Define your ideal life.


Take the steps to achieve the life you want.


Learn how to live as your best self and maintain your ideal life.

Life Design Coaching is an intensive coaching program for people ready to transform their lives. They know they want more, or different, and though they might not know what that is exactly, they know that their current life just isn’t cutting it. They know it’s time to stop settling and make the most out of this one life they have.

Life Design Coaching involves a commitment of weekly sessions over 6 months, meeting in person and online.

For those truly committed to make changes, do the hard work, be open to possibilities, embrace uncertainty, and re-configure their lives.


Life Design Coaching

Your Investment:

  • 6 months
  • Weekly sessions with Jeana (Your Life Design Coach)
  • Weekly goals, self-work, and exploration
  • $2800 + tax

Your Gains:

  • Clarity on what you want out of life and how to get it
  • Progress or completion on taking the steps needed to live your ideal life
  • Living a life designed for YOU
  • Greater Life Fulfillment, Purpose, and Joy!

Invest in your life. It’s the only one you’ve got.


Due to intensiveness and time requirements, there are limited spots available for Life Design Coaching program. Applications and phone review are part of the process for ensuring it’s the best fit for the coach and client.


Ready to take the next step in designing your life?

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Have more questions?

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