Mindful Dragon

Bigger Dragon

Spreading My Wings and Staying Grounded

It’s time to emerge from our caves and own who we are. 

Live fiercely, love deeply, be still.

Mindful Dragon is a blog about my personal journey with learning to live an authentic, value-based life. Learning to own who I am and having the courage to live from a strong, healthy, powerful place.

This blog offers a raw insight into the process of growing (both the gains and pitfalls), strategies to work through the challenges, and discusses ways to live your own value-based life. In addition to the blog posts, Mindful Dragon offers opportunities for involvement through monthly challenges and interactive questions on the Facebook page to keep you inspired and engaged with your own journey.

Join the community at MindfulDragon.com and on the Mindful Dragon Facebook Page.  Can’t wait for you to join us!

Please be warned MindfulDragon contains a lot of authentic, raw, emotionally-charged content including profanity. Therefore, MindfulDragon may not be appropriate for children and adults who dislike such language.