Program Description:

Mindful Moments is a program designed for groups of preschoolers (age 3+) ; typically set in a daycare or library, which involves introducing children to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. It explores how we can bring mindfulness into our everyday; to help children feel relaxed and calm in the present moment. Mindful Moments teaches children strategies they can try throughout the day to increase their sense of calm. The Mindful Moments program provides resources to caregivers/teacher making it easier to implement mindfulness moments into their classrooms and daily routines.

Mindful Moments is an opportunity for children to build self-awareness of their emotions, their surroundings, and practice calming their bodies and mind. It is designed to be comforting, relaxing, and educational.

Mindful Moments involves activities appropriate for the age and attention level of the group, keeping them engaged with interactive and hands-on practices while using clear simple directions and support.

Each session includes practicing a deep breathing technique, a guided imagery meditation or story, group discussion, practicing a calming/self-soothing strategy, an interactive mindfulness activity (listening games, making sensory bottles, playing with sensory playdough, etc), and finishes with another breathing activity or short meditation.

Sessions typically last 30-45 minutes per group, depending on age and attention levels.


Why Mindfulness?

Studies have shown that meditation for children helps to improve self-regulation, attention and concentration, social skills and self-esteem, creativity, self-awareness, and increases calm.

For more information on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for children; check out,, or


Included with the Daycare Mindful Moments Program :

  • 8 Sessions by a Mindful Moments Instructor
  • Lazy 8 Breathing Poster for classroom
  • Sensory Bottles for each child to take home
  • Sensory Station for classroom (including a sensory bottle, fidget toys, coloring pages, visuals to show ideas for calming, etc).

The sensory station is designed to help children self-regulate. When they feel they need to calm (or when teachers notice this) they can be prompted to go to the Sensory Station and use the items/strategies they learned to help themselves calm down.

  • Sensory Playdough for children to take home + recipe
  • Handouts on Mindfulness Activities for children to take home
  • Ideas for teachers on how to implement mindfulness throughout their day
  • Recordings of Guided Imagery Meditations for further use in classroom or at home
  • Recording of Muscle Relaxation Meditation
  • Recording of Loving Kindness and Compassion Meditation

Cost of Daycare Full Program:

The cost of the Mindful Moments Program depends on the amount of children per class and how many classes/groups are participating at your centre. Please contact The Coaching Connection Inc. to discuss pricing.

Contact Information:



Mindful Moments – Parent/Child Program

Age 3-6


  • 4 Sessions
  • Lazy 8 Breathing Poster for home
  • Sensory items to take home
  • Handouts for parents and other resources to take home
  • Recordings of meditations to use at home


September 24, October 1, 15, 22

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm


Many Hats, 397 Bedford Highway, Suite 301, Business Centre Room


1 Child / 1 Parent – $80 +tax

2 Child Family (1 parent) – $125 + tax

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